1919. A world where luxury speaks through the elegance of clean lines, where our expertise meets your individuality. A world in which our profession meets your own story, and where everyday life becomes timeless. Fedon 1919 represents more than 100 years of Italian leather manufacturing at its purest, driven by the same passion and craftsmanship as back then, and enhanced on a daily basis by a constant evolution towards avant-garde production methods.



It was back in 1919 when Giorgio Fedon embarked on his adventure as a skilled craftsman in the processing and production of fine objects, created to preserve and protect precious contents: eyeglasses. Today Fedon, after 4 generations, still maintains in every single product that same passion and craftsmanship of almost one hundred years ago, strengthened and improved by continuous innovation and cutting-edge industrial methods.

“To design and create innovative, functional and elegant solutions, to give as gifts to others and to oneself, to hold dreams and ideas” this is our Mission, told through every single Fedon brand product.



A complete line of items dedicated to those who wish to surround themselves only with the best. Leather goods, writing paraphernalia, personal and office accessories. A happy synthesis of technological innovation and artisan tradition becomes a refined exercise in style. Precious materials, minimal design but sensitive to fashion trends. An approach in which the Made in Italy concept is found in the essence of design, in the meticulous care of the hand crafted items and in the use of noble materials such as leather, steel and aluminium. Unchangeable style and quality created by people who are passionate and convinced that our Italian sensitivity to “beauty” is the main reason we are appreciated all over the world.